Mean Girls 2
“I Know” (Ending Credit)
Khloe And Lamar/
E Entertainment
Various Cues and Underscore
Lying To Be Perfect/Lifetime:
“Superstar (Smash It)”
Modern Family/ABC
Various Cues
Bad Girls Club/Oxygen:
Various featured songs
“Fame” Main Title
“Vanity, Boys And Girls, Broken Arrow (remakes)
America’s Next Top Model/UPN, All Seasons:
Songs, Cues and Underscore
The World According to Paris/Oxygen:
“Cash Flow”
Superstar (Smash It) and Various Featured Songs
Love Games 2/Oxygen:
Various Featured Songs
Being Steph/Channel 10
Girlband/Channel 10
16 Blocks/Warner Bros:
Be Cool/MGM/UA:
“Rock It Like Diss”
Las Vegas/NBC:
“Voodoo Baby”
Cold Creek Manor/Touchstone:
“American Boy”
Boston Public/Fox:
“Nothing Box”
Roswell DVD/WB:
“Need To Believe, Nowhere, The Spaceman”
Dissorder IV/Freeride Entertainment:
“Time (Goes On)”
Cradle To The Grave/WB:
“Have A Good Time”
Malibu’s Most Wanted/WB:
“Bullet-Proof Soul”
Kangaroo Jack/WB:
The Guru/Universal:
“Baila Casanova”
Ma Femme S’Appelle Maurice/Comedie Star:
Various (12 songs)
Meet The Folks/NBC:
“Hard To Say Goodbye”
“Ghetto Showbiz”
All About Us/NBC:
“I’m A Be Alright”
Tough Enough/MTV:
Various (5 episodes, 12 songs)
Various (2 episodes, 2 songs)
The Playa’s Court/Artisan:
“Goin’ Out With A Bang”
A Ring Of Endless Light/Disney Channel:
“Should I”
High Crimes/20th Century Fox:
“I’m Not The Enemy”
Disappearing Acts/HBO:
“I’m Not The Enemy”
The Guru:
“I’m Gonna Fly”
The Shield/Fox:
“No Queda Nada”

”Goin’ Out With A Bang”

The Mole II/NBC:

Various Cues and Underscore

The Mole III/NBC:

Various Cues and Underscore


“So Sweet”

Wolf Lake/CBS:

“American Boy”

Gideon’s Crossing/ABC:

“Tired Of Waiting”

Sex And The City/HBO:

“Groove To The Limit”

Good Vs Evil/HBO:




Brutally Normal/WB:

“Goin’ Out With A Bang” & “187”


“Higher Level”

The Corner/HBO:

“Goin’ Out With A Bang”

Young Americans/HBO:
Resurection Blvd/Showtime:
Various (4 episodes, 6 songs)
Various (2 episodes, 2 songs)
Strong Medicine/Lifetime:
“Taking Our Love”
That’s Life/CBS:
Various (3 episodes, 5 songs)
Beyond Chance/Lifetime:
“I Will Be There For You”
Live Through This/MTV:
“Bring Back The Night”
Deal Of A Lifetime/MGM:
2 songs
The Specials:
Fatal Blade/Simontzai Productions:
Where I Wanna Be:
Various (4 Songs)
Grosse Pointe/WB:
“Without You Here”
Live Through This/MTV:
“Blame It On The Full Moon”
Lucky Numbers/Paramount:
”Right Place Wrong Time”
“I Know You Feel It”
Jack & Jill/WB:
“Would You Like Me”
Alecia Elliot Show/NBC:
Various (5 episodes, 7 songs)
Disappearing Acts/HBO
“I’m Not The Enemy”
Faking It/RDF:
Various (2 episodes, 2 songs)
“Let Me Take That”
Cinderella Story/Warner Bros:
“Boogy Bang”
The Young Unknowns:
Various Cues and Underscore
Bar Hopping/Showtime:
Various (12 Songs)
Many more…


Producer Of The Year, 2004 Latin Grammy nomination

John Lennon Songwriter’s Contest 2004:

“Betcha Can’t Say No”, 1st place (R&B)

USA Songwriting Competition 2004:

“Freaks”, 1st place (Dance)

John Lennon Songwriter’s Contest 2001:

“Casanova”, 1st place

Unisong 2001:

“Casanova”, 3rd place (Pop)

American Songwriter’s Contest 2001:

“Music In My Heart”, 1st place (Dance)

John Lennon Songwriter’s Contest 2000:

“ I Wanna Be Free” & “Never”, 3rd place (HipHop-R&B & R&B)

Unisong 2000:

“Freaks”, 1st place (Alternative)

American Songwriter’s Contest 2000:

“Casanova”, “Special”, 1st/2nd place (Pop)